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Welcome to Wordhoney Communications

Websites | Social Media | Print Collateral | Core Messaging | Advertising | Ghostwriting

Copywriting and marketing tools for nonprofits, community-based businesses, artists and entrepreneurs.

Let’s work together to generate more buzz about your brand!

 To get started, send an email to wordhoney@gmail.com


“Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.”
– Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack

honeycombsingleWhat can Wordhoney do for you?


Capabilities include:

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Event Collateral
  • Feature Stories
  • Advertising
  • Exhibit Writing
  • Email Campaigns


Many leaders are great writers – they just don’t have time to write everything themselves, or they like to generate a first draft for someone else to edit and polish.

Other leaders are great speakers who prefer to leave the writing to a trusted wordsmith. Either way, I can work with you to craft articles, opinion pieces and talking points that capture your vision and voice.

Core Messaging

Core messaging is an integral part of my writing process for most large projects. Message development can also be provided as a stand-alone service.

The Wordhoney approach to messaging is not about “spin” – the goal is to help you engage in authentic communication with key audiences about who you are and what you do.


“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter
— it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” — Mark Twain


 Featured Projects

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JCA Interages – 2016 Volunteer Campaign

Concept / Copywriting
Design: Beth Ponticello, CEDC

Nonprofit Montgomery Website

Development / Copywriting
Design: Beth Ponticello, CEDC

JCA Annual Report

Creative Direction / Copywriting
Design: Beth Ponticello, CEDC

Academy of the Holy Cross – Viewbook

Design: Catalone Design

Montgomery Moving Forward – Event Materials

Copywriting & Research

Capacity Partners – Website

Core messaging & copywriting
Design: Beth Ponticello

The Atlantic – Advertising Copy

Copywriting for Print Magazine Advertorial

Nonprofit Montgomery – Beyond Charity Report

Design: Beth Ponticello



Get in Touch

My name is Amy Southerland. I’m a freelance writer and communications consultant based in Washington, DC. My experience is wide-ranging, but I especially enjoy working with nonprofits and small, community-based businesses.

I moved to DC in 2003 from my hometown of Kansas City. I have master’s degrees in English and journalism from the University of Kansas, and while working on my “unPhD” I taught college English for six years.

Non-writerly jobs I’ve had over the years that contribute to my worldview include: washing glassware in a biochemistry lab, greeting visitors at a natural history museum, selling children’s shoes, slinging spaghetti, and being the pack leader at a doggie daycare.

Amy Headshot



mobile: 816-729-5100