The Atlantic – Advertising Copy

As part of an integrated marketing project, I wrote a two-page advertorial that appeared in the July/August 2012 issue of The Atlantic. From May to July 2012, I worked with The Atlantic on a campaign that involved attending the magazine’s Technologies in Education Forum and then writing 18 posts for a sponsored blog (entitled “Workforce of Tomorrow”) over the next two months. The sponsor of the hub was The Apollo Group (parent company to the University of Phoenix), and the marketing package included a two-page advertorial in the print magazine. I probably don’t have the temperament to work at an ad agency, but this was my “Madison Avenue moment” and I did my best to channel my inner Peggy Olson and deliver top-notch copy. The biggest challenge was that due to print production deadlines, this 600-word advertorial had to be written and approved by the client long before I had begun working on the blog (or even attended the Tech in Ed event). The  two-page ad was designed to promote The Apollo Group and drive traffic to the online hub. View a full-size PDF of the ad.

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