Nonprofit Montgomery Website

In 2015, I partnered with CEDC (Beth Ponticello, Art Director) to develop a new WordPress website for Nonprofit Montgomery. As part of the project, Beth developed a newl ogo for the organization (which had formerly been under the umbrella of the now-defunct Nonprofit Roundtable) and established brand colors. The site features an eye-catching home-page slider with key messaging, a membership signup form with fully integrated payment processing, and a blog-driven News page. I am especially proud of this site because it was developed and launched in under two weeks. My familiarity with Nonprofit Montgomery made it possible to develop the site so quickly, since I already had a nuanced understanding of the organization’s mission and programs. I have continued to assist with ongoing site administration and development, including the addition of program enrollment forms, a post-driven event calendar, and a donation form. Visit the site at

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