Academy of the Holy Cross – Viewbook

In 2012, I worked with Catalone Design to create a viewbook for The Academy of the Holy Cross, an all-girls Catholic high school in Kensington, MD. The primary challenge was coming up with a concept and messaging that would speak directly to girls while also appealing to their parents. I proposed several thematic approaches to Catalone to see what sparked their interest from a design standpoint. We settled on a series of reflexive headlines speaking directly to girls and built the book around that concept. The  title is “Find Yourself Here” and the copy inside progresses through a series of headlines: Prove Yourself, Push Yourself, Surprise Yourself, Know Yourself, Surprise Yourself, Enjoy Yourself, and Be Yourself. I  love seeing my writing come to life in a well-designed piece, and I’m always excited to partner with Catalone because they do such beautiful work. To see the finished product, click here to flip through the viewbook.


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