Fresh Messaging for an Established Brand: Capacity Partners Website

CapacityPartners_ScreenshotStrategyPageIn 2013, I worked with Mary Robinson, president and founder of Capacity Partners, to help develop and launch a new website in conjunction with the company’s 10th anniversary. We brought in Beth Ponticello of (whom I have worked with many times) to customize a WordPress theme, and Beth also developed the company’s beautiful new logo.

I really love the website. It’s crisp and clean, with a slide show on the home page that highlights core messages in a visually engaging way, and a responsive theme that looks good and is easy to navigate across devices. I’ve also worked with Capacity Partners on setting up their new blog in conjunction with the website. Moving forward, I will be helping Mary and her team develop a stronger social media presence, as well as assisting with updates and maintenance on the website.

To explore the full site, visit


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