NNEDV – Advocacy Brochure

A few years ago, I wrote copy for an eight-page brochure for the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), which is a national advocacy organization. They wanted an informative, compelling print piece they could leave behind with legislators and Hill staffers as part of their advocacy efforts. In a past life, I worked as office manager for Rose Brooks Center, a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City – so I knew a lot about the issue and felt strongly about creating an effective piece to help NNEDV make the case for Congressional support. Designer Matthew Huggins (who was part of the team at Spur Communications at the time) did a fantastic job of finding a creative approach to this tough topic. He developed an engaging scrapbook motif, including a “bulletin board” effect with key facts connected with pins and string, to show that domestic violence connects us all and affects people from every walk of life. Download PDF of the NNEDV brochure.

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