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Lofty Words: Blogging from the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival for The Atlantic

AIF_blogsampleIn June 2013 I got the incredible opportunity to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival. This was my fourth blogging gig for The Atlantic, but the previous three had been from my home base in DC. I jumped at the opportunity to go to Aspen, where I blogged and tweeted about the energy track as part of an integrated marketing project sponsored by Shell. To the right are a sampling of four headlines and deks from the blog that give an idea of the range of topics I tackled.

Prior to heading to Aspen, I wrote two pre-event blog posts, Then, over the course of four frenzied but stimulating days, I attended sessions in the Festival’s “Energy Revolution” track, tweeting highlights from a dedicated AIF2013Energy Twitter stream and then writing eight quick-turnaround blog posts in response to key themes that emerged from the panel discussions. It was a really incredible opportunity to hear experts from across sectors engage in lively conversations about our energy future.

Of course, Aspen was a beautiful and inspiring place for thinking and writing — and while I was very busy working, I did manage to steal away for an afternoon to visit Maroon Lake and get some great shots of the Maroon Bells. My favorite post from the series captures the “Aspenness” of the whole experience, and is accompanied by a photo I took at Maroon Lake: Aspen Provides Panoramic View of Energy Issues. Unlike two of my past blogging gigs for The Atlantic, I did not have a byline for the posts on this project — but I think my voice really comes through on this post. If the link is no longer working (sponsored blogs do not persist on the indefinitely) then you can read the post as a PDF.


Sustainable POV: Tweeting and blogging for The Atlantic’s Green Intelligence Forum

One of the highlights of the forum was a conversation between Chris Paine (left), director of Revenge of the Electric Car, and Alexis Madrigal, senior editor for The Atlantic. (photo credit: Max Taylor Photography)

On November 16 and 17, 2011, I was the on-the-ground correspondent for The Atlantic’s fourth-annual Green Intelligence Forum.

This involved live-tweeting the event from my Twitter stream, @sustainablePOV, and then writing a series of blog posts for the Powering Energy Progress blog on

The blog is sponsored by Shell, which was also an event sponsor, and I chose blog topics inspired by what I heard at the two-day forum (with approval from my project manager at The Atlantic).

I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about a variety of sustainability topics and express my opinion about some of the issues. As the project wraps up, I plan to continue my blogging endeavor on my personal blog about green issues, SustainablePOV.

Here’s a link to the blog at The Atlantic: Powering Energy Progress

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