Sustainable POV: Tweeting and blogging for The Atlantic’s Green Intelligence Forum

One of the highlights of the forum was a conversation between Chris Paine (left), director of Revenge of the Electric Car, and Alexis Madrigal, senior editor for The Atlantic. (photo credit: Max Taylor Photography)

On November 16 and 17, 2011, I was the on-the-ground correspondent for The Atlantic’s fourth-annual Green Intelligence Forum.

This involved live-tweeting the event from my Twitter stream, @sustainablePOV, and then writing a series of blog posts for the Powering Energy Progress blog on

The blog is sponsored by Shell, which was also an event sponsor, and I chose blog topics inspired by what I heard at the two-day forum (with approval from my project manager at The Atlantic).

I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about a variety of sustainability topics and express my opinion about some of the issues. As the project wraps up, I plan to continue my blogging endeavor on my personal blog about green issues, SustainablePOV.

Here’s a link to the blog at The Atlantic: Powering Energy Progress

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